Customer Reviews

  • "I've ordered several times from this seller bc I truly love the shower steamers. I have a cold that won’t go away. I used the Vicks shower steamers as a quick fix and they didn’t work. I then decided to place an order from Herbal Zen and bought the Cold Kicker steamers and they work like a charm."

    GINA M.

  • "The smell is amazing without being too much. I don’t know how they did it, but they did. The fragrance is perfect; strong but not overwhelming. They helped my headaches and helped me relax. I love them! I will be a customer for life!"

    HEIDI T.

  • "The Headache RX shower tabs work wonders for a headache. No more Tylenol for me."


  • "I tried other brands and nothing compared. The amazing scents transform my shower into a healing spa."


  • "I've ordered from them many, many times. Always consistent quality and prompt shipping. It's great for my sinuses during allergy season."


  • "I love the Herbal Zen shower steamers they smell so good and I have given them for gifts and the people really love them."


  • "These are such high quality shower steamers, they put out just the right amount of scent! I love them as a treat for myself and they make the perfect gift!"

    AMY B.

  • "These are great in the shower. Also work great to make the kitchen sink smell nice. :)"


  • "Have a few different scents but turn to the Stress Fighter most often. It’s great for winding down at night. The Cold Kicker, my second favorite, is great for waking me up and clearing out my sinuses."


  • "I love making my shower more luxurious with these steamers. It's fun to try the different scents."


  • "I have bought these for seven gifts and everyone loves them! Five stars does not do these justice, they are the best of the best !!!! These are amazing! So many shower steamers barely have a scent where as these have strong, definitive scents. I think they genuinely help me with my headache or clearing my sinuses."


  • "If your searching for shower steamers and find yourself reading this….STOP! Buy a variety pack or a scent of your choice just to try. I can practically guarantee you will not need to try anywhere else for the absolute best quality shower steamers."