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The Herbal Zen Promise

All of our products are made in the USA with the purest essential oils, meaning the scents behind our aromatherapy blends come entirely from Mother Nature. Everything is handmade in small batches to ensure the highest quality, using mindfully sourced ingredients that are vegan, preservative-free and never include harmful additives or fillers.

Our steamers are handmade in the USA.

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Our Story

It’s not every day that a pharmacist goes from treating ailments with pharmaceuticals and being skeptical of any product not tested in strict clinical trials, to becoming fully convinced by the power of plant-based remedies and a passionate advocate on the benefits of essential oils. But that’s exactly how The Herbal Zen came to be.

It all started when Jason Donahue, who holds a Doctorate of Pharmacy, decided to take some time away from the demanding workload of the pharmacy. Seeking a reset, Jason found himself being pulled in the direction of natural health and wellness. Having struggled with allergies for most of his life, Jason sought out a natural alternative to his over-the-counter allergy medication. His research led him to the world of essential oils.

The Herbal Zen Founders Jamie and Jason Donahue

"I needed to find a product that would easily fit into my daily routine and wouldn’t contain any artificial fragrances," says Jason. "I came across a bath bomb for sinus relief and the light bulb went off. I realized that if a bath bomb can be infused with essential oils, then why couldn’t I make something similar to be used in the everyday shower instead? And, if I can make something effective for my own allergy-related congestion, then why couldn’t I experiment with other essential oil blends to target other conditions?"

Using his pharmacy background and love of chemistry, Jason began researching and testing the best essential oil blends to soothe everyday needs – from congestion and headaches, to stress and sleep, to energy and hangovers, and more.

The Herbal Zen launched in 2018 from Jason’s kitchen, and has since made over one milion shower steamers, earned thousands of five-star reviews, and even caught the eye of places like The Washington Post, Real Simple, Glamour and Town & Country. In early 2023, Jason’s wife, Jamie, left her job as a Financial Merchandise Planner to join the team, making it officially a family owned and operated business.

Today, you can find our small but mighty team blending, packaging and dreaming up the next shower steamer scent from our HQ corner shop on the best-smelling block of Philadelphia’s Manayunk neighborhood.

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Our Core Values

Quality First

We use only natural, good-for-you ingredients in all of our products including a higher concentration of essential oils for exceptional effectiveness, and proudly produce all of our products in-house from start to finish to ensure quality control.

Building Community 

Creating meaningful, positive connections with our customers through situational relatability and by offering healthy solutions. This core value also encompasses our efforts to build and better our local community by providing jobs and livable wages.

Simplifying Self-Care

Striving to promote the significance of self-care and simplifying it so it can be practiced daily and affordably. We aim to make self-care all- inclusive especially across genders.

Openness and Honesty

We highly value transparency, not only with our customers but all of our business partners.

Respecting People and Our Environment

Each person has the ability to contribute to creating a better world simply through being kind in their thoughts and actions.

Work Hard, Play Hard

We prioritize continuous growing and learning, while having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously.

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