Shower Steamers 101

The most common questions about shower steamers answered by the experts! Whether you're a newcomer or a long-time customer, this ultimate shower steamer FAQ is here to enhance your shower steamer experience. Let’s hop in! 

What are aromatherapy shower steamers?

Whether you're familiar with shower steamers or diving into the world of this self-care marvel for the first time, you're in the perfect spot to discover all there is to know about them! While shower steamers may resemble bath bombs, they are exclusively crafted for use in the shower. Shower steamers are designed to enhance your daily shower routine, offering a moment of soothing aromatherapy that serves as the perfect escape for some valuable "me time”. Not only do shower steamers add a delightful aroma to your morning or nightly cleansing ritual, but they also bring various wellness benefits to enhance your physical and mental wellbeing (as long as the shower steamers you are using are infused with only pure essential oils like ours are).

“Life's a whirlwind, and the shower? That's your little escape. Pop in a shower steamer, and just like that, your usual shower becomes a natural aroma-filled sanctuary – a space to catch your breath, realign, reflect, and maybe even sneak in a bit of meditation.

Do shower steamers go by other names?

Yes! Most often these tablets are referred to as shower steamers but you may see us refer to them as shower bombs, shower melts, and shower fizzies.

What are the benefits of using aromatherapy shower steamers?

The primary benefits of using shower steamers lies in the aromatherapeutic journey they provide. With a diverse array of scents and blends available from us, these benefits include relaxation, stress relief, improved mood and energy, and may even serve as a natural remedy for congestion, allergies, headaches, and hangovers. While the essential oils in shower steamers play a significant role in these benefits, the act of showering itself contributes to the overall positive experience. The combination of a shower's inherent mood-enhancing effects with the natural aromas derived from plant extracts elevates the showering experience to new heights.

Other practical benefits of using shower steamers include their convenience as a daily self-care ritual that seamlessly integrates into your regular routine. Compared to frequent spa visits, using shower steamers proves to be a cost-effective alternative to indulge in self-care. Additionally, there is no mess or cleanup required afterward, in contrast to using fresh eucalyptus or other botanicals.

*It is important to understand that aromatherapeutic benefits of shower steamers are only associated with shower steamers infused with essential oils. There are many shower steamer brands and makers that use artificial fragrance to scent their steamers, and while it’s a cost-effective option for both the maker and the customer, unfortunately it brings with it no aromatherapeutic benefit. If you want to get the most bang for your buck and keep things healthy, go for shower steamers only infused with essential oils (AKA, The Herbal Zen). Your wallet and well-being will thank you!

“Customers can’t get enough of these two shower steamer blends – Cold Kicker and Head Hug Shower Steamers. Packed with an expertly crafted blend of soothing essential oils, these two blends have quickly become fan favorites and may help to ease congestion, allergies, and headache symptoms.”

Can you substitute a shower steamer for a bath bomb?

The short answer, no!

Shower steamers are formulated to offer in-shower aromatherapy without making direct contact with the skin. As a result, the standard formulation used in creating a shower steamer may pose potential risks if used as a replacement for a bath bomb. So, what sets a shower steamer and bath bomb apart? Well, two key factors play into this. Firstly, shower steamers contain a higher concentration of essential oils and lack carrier oils like coconut or jojoba oil. This heightened essential oil concentration is crucial for shower steamers to release a robust scent throughout your entire shower. Additionally, shower steamers omit carrier oils because the tablet doesn't come into contact with the skin. In contrast, bath bombs are formulated with a lower concentration of essential oils and include a carrier oil, offering skin moisturization and diluting the potency of essential oils for safe skin contact. All in all, using a shower steamer as a bath bomb may irritate your skin and doesn’t offer any moisturizing benefits the way bath bombs do!

In addition, you may come across shower steamers that are labeled “bath/shower bomb”. Our opinion on this, play it safe and avoid items like this.

How do aromatherapy shower steamers work?

In achieving the ultimate shower steamer experience, it’s important to understand how these tablets work! Our first words of advice, placement is key! We suggest placing the shower steamer on the shower floor, right outside of the direct water stream from the showerhead. The goal is to achieve a consistent, gentle water tap so the tablet slowly dissolves and fizzes away. This gentle tap of water is how the steamer tablet starts to activate and releases the essential oil blend into the shower steam.

Avoid submerging or placing the tablet in the direct water stream as this will cause the tablet to dissolve very quickly and won’t let you enjoy the full duration of the aromatherapy experience.

“This how-to guide is a simple step by step in achieving the best aromatherapy shower steamer experience”

How long do aromatherapy shower steamers last in the shower?

One of our shower steamer tablets is expected to last approximately 5-10 minutes if positioned correctly on the shower floor. If you shower in less than 5 minutes, no problem! Simply break our steamer tablet in half and get the most out of your shower steamer pack.

We thoughtfully designed the size and composition of our shower steamer tablets to last 5-10 minutes because that is the standard shower time for most people. We know how challenging it can be to incorporate self-care into a busy schedule, and our shower steamers are designed to be convenient, effortless, and affordable so you can practice self-care daily and not just during desperate times when you’re running on empty.

“Proper shower steamer placement is key to ensure the best aromatherapy shower steamer experience. Be sure to place the tablet outside of the direct water stream to achieve a consistent, gentle water tap.”

What should we look for when buying a shower steamer to ensure its high-quality and safe?

When searching for premium shower steamers, it's crucial to focus on the type of fragrances used to enhance the shower bomb experience. Opting for shower steamers that are exclusively scented with essential oils ensures a higher quality product. While shower steamers made with artificial fragrance oils are typically a more cost-effective option, choosing them diminishes the in-shower aromatherapy experience. The use of shower steamers infused with any amount of artificial fragrance goes against the therapeutic purpose of a shower steamer because synthetic scents lack the same wellness benefits as essential oils. Be cautious of deceptive labels like "Made with essential oils," as this often indicates a blend of artificial fragrance and a portion of essential oils in the mix. At The Herbal Zen, we're all about keeping it real. We take pride in using nothing but pure essential oils in all our aromatherapy shower steamer products.

“At The Herbal Zen, we call ourselves artisan manufacturers because our acquired skills in producing handcrafted, high-quality shower steamers with unmatched effectiveness is a trade we’ve perfected over years of experience.”

 Do shower steamers stain the shower floor/tub?

Our shower steamers do NOT stain the shower floor or tub. All of the colorants we include in our shower steamer formulas are water soluble which means they cleanly dissolve away, leaving zero mess!

Do shower steamers make the shower floor/tub slippery?

Our shower steamers do NOT make the shower floor or tub slippery. We do not use any carrier oils in our shower steamer formula such as coconut and jojoba oil which can cause slickness.

What are shower steamers made of?

Our shower steamer formula has a handful of key ingredient includes baking soda (sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, cornstarch, and our proprietary essential oil blend. We also include a minimal amount of colorant to bring a little personality to our shower bombs.

Every shower steamer has its own story, and ours is pretty special. As dedicated artisanal shower steamer creators, we've invested countless hours refining our formula over the years. Our commitment and hard work have paid off, giving you a top-notch shower steamer that's high-quality, wonderfully fragrant, and seriously effective.

Have more questions about shower steamers? Shoot us a note! We'd love to hear from you.