Our citrus oils include lemon, orange, and tangerine. We love citrus notes for their uplifting and mood-boosting properties that are simultaneously calming and stress relieving. This isn’t your ‘too much caffeine’ oil, this is your ‘I’m awake to confidently seize the day without the jitters’ oil. Citrus oils decrease nausea, prevent skin inflammation, and act as an antibacterial (goodbye acne!), all while reducing depression and anxiety. Think of it as bottled sunshine!



If you’re feeling the effects of a cold, this is the essential oil for you. Eucalyptus relieves cough and chest congestion, making it easier to breathe fully.



In addition to providing gentle skin-soothing benefits, lavender’s relaxing properties are ideal for promoting a restful night’s sleep. This stress-relieving oil features prominently in several of our Shower Steamer blends, as it reduces anxiety, calms headaches, and relaxes the mind.



If you recognize chamomile due to the relaxing nighttime tea, consider roman chamomile it’s all-star big brother. The ultimate soothing oil, roman chamomile relieves anxiety and depression, soothes headaches, and calms PMS symptoms, such as back aches, cramps, and nausea. Roman chamomile promotes heart health, lowers blood pressure, and reduces inflammation. It’s notoriously great for kids, as it’s gentle, relaxing, and soothing.



Part of the mint family, refreshing peppermint relieves digestive issues, nausea, and pain from headaches and muscle aches. Due to its fresh and delicious taste, you’ll often see it in toothpaste, teas, and more. We love to use peppermint as a pick-me-up in the mornings and when we’re feeling under the weather.


Patchouli’s down-to-earth notes help to ease stomach discomfort, headaches, and colds, as well as provide pain relief. If you’re feeling particularly swollen or are prone to inflammation, patchouli will help ease those conditions. It’s also known to relieve depression, anxiety, and stress, making it an absolute must for focus and relaxation.

A delicious and aromatic food seasoning, rosemary also has a variety of health and mental benefits. Known for boosting brain function, rosemary aids in memory recall, concentration (so it’s great before taking tests!) and reducing anxiety and stress levels. It also combats mental fatigue and increases alertness. In addition, rosemary improves circulation, scalp health, and eases pain and inflammation in the joints and muscles.

While uplifting and clarifying the mind, basil calms the nerves, enhances mental alertness, and reduces anxiety. Basil soothes cramps and joint pain, brightens dull skin, and improves fatigue. We include this mentally invigorating oil into our blends to clear your mind and get back to being your best self.