Introducing Our Limited Edition Fall Blend: Cabin Essence

Introducing Our Limited Edition Fall Blend: Cabin Essence

Have you heard? We recently released a limited edition fall blend: Cabin Essence. Read about it below!

Shower steamers are like bath bombs for the everyday shower. This aromatherapy product is hand-pressed into small square tablets that dissolve when wet, releasing essential oils into the air and creating a self-care ritual that turns any shower into an at-home spa experience. The practice of inhaling essential oils has long been used to help with needs like boosting mood, reducing stress and anxiety, and promoting restful sleep.

The Herbal Zen’s new Cabin Essence shower steamer is a seasonal blend that celebrates the cozy spirit of fall, a time for reflection, observation and gratitude. Made with an expertly-crafted mix of clove, cedarwood, orange, clary sage and patchouli essential oils, Cabin Essence has an earthy and exhilarating aroma that will remind you of the spices and smells of the gathering season.

In tandem with the release of Cabin Essence comes The Herbal Zen’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide, featuring our full collection of shower steamers that provide a range of wellness needs, including relief from stress, congestion, hangovers and headaches, as well as assistance with relaxation, energy, mood-boosting and meditation.

“I started making shower steamers several holiday seasons ago after searching for an affordable yet thoughtful gift that everyone on my list could actually use and benefit from in their everyday life,” said Jason Donahue, Founder of The Herbal Zen who uses his background as a pharmacist to develop each of our unique aromatherapy blends. “Shower steamers are one of the most universal, inclusive and accessible wellness products that take the guess-work out of gift-giving. If the loved ones on your list take showers regularly – and let’s all hope they do! – then shower steamers are a perfect find for celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice and other holiday traditions.”

    Read the official Cabin Essence press release here.

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